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Value for the month of December – Appreciation
To appreciate what we have and to be grateful. To recognise and appreciate the good qualities of someone or something. This is a value that we try to instil in all of our children.
A few points about how the school will respond to any emails we receive from parents informing us of any child who has tested positive for COVI: If a child receives a positive test result on either Friday 18th, Saturday 19th or Sunday 20th December, then we ask parents to notify us by sending an email to the school email address. Once we receive this information, we will then notify anyone who has been in close contact with the child and they will be advised to follow the self-isolation procedures. Should we receive notification of positive test results after the 20th December, we will not be notifying anyone who has been in contact with those who have tested positive as the infectious period is from 2 DAYS BEFORE onset of symptoms. For further information please refer to the guidance for schools produced by Gateshead’s Public Health Team that was updated on the 15th December 2020.
Arrangements for the return to school in January - There will be no changes to the drop off and collection of children in January, the current arrangements will remain in place. School lunches will continue to be served in the classrooms, the only children who will be eating in the hall will be the Reception and Year 1 pupils. Arrangements for the breakfast and after school club will also remain as they currently are. We will not be having any outside providers in school and we have made the decision that swimming lessons will not commence in the spring term.
All the procedures will be reviewed throughout the spring term; however, we know that you will all understand why we must currently plan with caution.
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Welcome to Emmaville Primary School

Thank you for visiting Emmaville Primary School’s website. We are very proud of it and hope that you find it useful.

‘Together we Grow’ is our school motto and this conveys the belief that we are all on a continuous learning journey. The education of our pupils is a shared partnership; through this partnership we hope to provide every pupil with a successful and rewarding educational experience.

As this website provides information about our school, please feel free to leave comments. Not only is your feedback extremely important to us but it further develops the links with the wider school community. By regularly visiting the website you will be able to keep up to date with school events, discover what the children are learning and also find out about the progress and achievement of the pupils.

Through this website you will have access to news bulletins, school policies, dates for your diary, insight into collapsed curriculum weeks and the enrichment activities that we offer the children in order to broaden their horizons. However, should you wish to have more information about the school, or perhaps arrange to visit us; then please do not hesitate to contact me.

With best wishes,
Avril Armstrong
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