Emmaville Primary School

Day Three

Phew, it was hard work getting out of bed this morning, but after some fresh croissants and jam, we were raring to go.  We arrived at Boulogne Market, which is held within the old city walls, and spent euros like there was no tomorrow.  As you can see from the photos, we managed to use our conversational French to buy all sorts, from sunglasses and keyrings to strawberries and watermelon.  We then went for a stroll around the fortified city walls and had a picnic in the sunshine.
We're about to eat back at the hotel and then we're off bowling, so more photos later.  By the way, the commenting system tends to have a mind of its own, so please don't worry if your comment doesn't appear on the website even when approved - all comments come through for moderation and have been read out to the children (which they have loved hearing, thank you).

Nausicaa Sealife Centre

A stroll back through the cobbled streets of the old town centre took us down to the seafront and to the home of the biggest aquarium in Europe.  There, we gaped at all kinds of incredible sea creatures: jellyfish with three-foot-long stings; huge shoals of bright yellow fish, swimming behind a 20 metre-long, 5 metre-high wall of glass; California sea lions getting their teeth brushed; twelve different types of shark, lazily slicing through the water above our heads; orange and white clown fish, rubbing shoulders with glittering blue tang (AKA Dory); a huge manta ray gliding around regally, yet really only a baby at two years old – they can live for forty years and reach sizes of up to 8 metres; and even a friendly scuba diver, who fist-bumped us through the glass!

Opal Bowling, Boulogne

A flit back to the hotel for, quite frankly, gigantic portions of spag bol, refuelled the troops, ready for a night’s ten pin bowling.   This outfit was on the small size, with only six lanes, so we occupied the whole bowling alley, which made for a very enjoyable evening.  Special mention goes to our joint high-scorers, Thomas and Louisa, who scored 140 and 139 points respectively.

The corridors are silent now, so hopefully, everyone will wake refreshed in the morning, ready for another day’s excitement.