Emmaville Primary School

Day Two

The Tower of London
An early start at London's ancient seat of power gave us plenty of time to explore the various towers, royal chambers and defensive walls of the fortification first built nearly a thousand years ago by William the Conqueror.  We had time to watch some historical role-play, see the dazzling Crown Jewels, pick the shop clean of over-priced trinkets and even practise some moves after lunch from our forthcoming Sage Festival dance (a very impressive performance, you'll be happy to know Miss Roch).  We also had some lovely ice creams, before heading for the exit.
A Cruise on the River Thames and Tea at Fire and Stone
A short walk took us to the Tower Pier, where we boarded a riverboat for a guided cruise down to Westminster.  We saw lots of famous London sights, including the London Eye and The Shard, and then hopped off for a stroll over to Covent Garden.  By now, we were all famished, so the pizzas and pasta at the Fire and Stone restaurant were gladly welcomed, as was the second helping of ice cream of the day.
School Of Rock
Rest is for wimps.  We continued our odyssey onward, to Drury Lane, where we took our seats for a thrilling performance of School Of Rock.  A stage-play with a cast of mainly children was always going to fire up the imaginations of our band of travelers, and judging by the nodding heads, air guitaring and rock hands punching out the rhythms, everyone enjoyed the show.  Unusually, as the last number started up, the audience were encouraged to take photos, which is why there are a few taken in the theatre.
We have some very tired children tucked up in bed now, but fortunately, we have a much later start in the morning.