Emmaville Primary School

Crawcrook Nursery

Welcome to the Crawcrook Nursery Class Page.  Here, you can find out about everything that we've been doing this year.

Week ending Friday 16th October


This week we have been learning all about fairy tales. Our nursery children have become storytellers and have used puppets and role play to retell The Gingerbread Man, The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks.

We have put the gingerbread man’s buttons back on him in our maths activity using 1:1 number correspondence. We also ordered the sizes of the three bear’s belongings in our Goldilocks maths activity.

After listening to The Three Little Pigs, we looked at a selection of items and ask children to predict which will blow away. They sorted them into the two columns and used a fan to test which materials are best.

Week Ending Friday 9th October
What a lovely, busy week. The newer children have settled in so well and are becoming more confident in their surroundings. This week the children have learned more about themselves as they drew around their friends and named parts of the body. We also started our Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle early writing program which helps the children practice gross motor movements that will help them mark make. The children also enjoyed bathing the babies, exploring gloop, building structures, and climbing and balancing on the new ladders. 
Week Ending Friday 2nd October
Well, what a lovely week that was - we had the pleasure of our new September cohort starting with us this week after some little visits last week. They have settled in so well and it is going to be so exciting to find out more about them and their personalities in the coming days. 
This week we had fun in the forest, playing and exploring and having a go at some bark rubbings with crayons. We enjoyed small group times; listening to stories, having snacks, and singing nursery rhymes with the stretchy lycra and puppets. We also had some tasty fun; trying lots of lovely exotic fruits - some were more popular than others! 
More than anything though; we just loved seeing all the new children find their feet and the older children were there to help them all the way.

Week ending Friday 25th September


Oor arrrrr me harties! ☠ We have had a fun filled week learning all about pirates.


We started off the week with the story Pirate Pete and dressed up with Pirate props. We talked about what might the story be about and the children did very well pointing out all the main things that a pirate has / looks like. After this, the children enjoyed investigating pirate/ beach bits and bobs in the tuff tray- drift wood, shells, stones.


We have been learning to sing the song 5 Little Pirates with props and children were able count how many pirates are left each time. Later in the week we sang this song using the parachute and one child jumped off ‘the ship’ each time.


Our favourite activity this week has been our pirate treasure hunt. We looked at a treasure map and talked about what it could be. We jumped on board our pirate ship and went exploring to find the buried treasure. Nursery used their map of the forest school area to locate the golden coins and were amazed at how much treasure they found.


Our nursery children have advanced their learning this week through their chosen pirate enhancements. They have really got into role making pirate hats, dressing up making maps and scrolls and their own treasure chests to cut and stick coins


We are so proud of our nursery children and how well they have settled back into their routine over the past two weeks. So much so that we have made them all stars of the week this week!

Week Ending 18th September
This week we welcomed back our older children and they all settled back in so easily...like they had never been away!
We spent as much time as possible outside in the sunshine and the children loved digging for worms, playing in the mud kitchen, and climbing trees. We also played games altogether with the big parachute.
It has just been so lovely to see how excited the children were about coming back to school and we have loved having them back.